Dyslexia and why it's so difficult to spell!

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Jul 10, 2007
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A question often asked when it comes to sitting the recruiting test, hence the re-posting of the following:

For the RN/RM Recruiting Test there are no allowances made for dyslexia unfortunately. The paper that the test is printed on is pastel coloured & the font is Arial Round, which is meant to assist those with mild dyslexia. The reason that there is no allowance made is because the individual needs to rapidly and accurately receive, understand and pass written & verbally communicated instructions - there is little room for error.

As a point of interest: if an individual fails the Recruiting Test for the RN/RM, the British Army Recruiting Battery (BARB) Test is deemed more user friendly to those suffering from dyslexia as it is computer-based.

Changing tack slighty:

We're all pretty much agreed with regard grammar on the forum - it's not the "be all", but best effort helps everyone understand the poster's intention. "Text speak" unless you are directly referring to it, should be avoided. From an admin point of view, as long as it can be understood by your Granny, it's OK. There's little point wasting time & effort bemoaning or demeaning someone's spelling prowess- that's best left to grumpy pensioners with the time to correct society's ills.
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