Example Corps knowledge questions

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Jul 10, 2007
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1. What is the date of the birth of the Corps?

2. What is the Corps motto?

3. What does it mean?

4. Describe the CORPS cap badge and what do all the elements mean?

5. What happened at Walcheren?

6. Who was Hanna Snell?

7. What was the Corps last major battle honour?

8. Who is the Commandant General of the Royal Marines?

9. There are three Commando Units, what are they called?

10. Where are the Commando Units located?

11. What does The Fleet Protection Group do.

12. Name Five of the specialist (SQ) or Technical qualifications (DQ) that you could be trained for?

13. How long do you have to sign on for when you join the Royal Marines?

14. What is the minimum amount of time you have to serve as a Royal Marine?

15. Where in the world are the Royal Marines currently serving?

16. What is the name of the personal weapon currently used by the Royal Marines?

17. How many weeks training do you undergo to become a Royal Marine?

18. If on completion of training, you are given a trade or branch you do not want, what is the minimum compulsory time you have to serve in that branch.

19. During basic training, how much will earn if you are successful in your application to join the Royal Marines.

20. What are the names of the Royal Navy’s Assault Ships?

21. What is their role in regards to the Royal Marines?

22. What are the roles of HMS OCEAN?

23. Where is the Headquarters of the Royal Marines situated?

24. What does SBS stand for?

25. Can you join the Royal Marines as a Physical Training Instructor or Mountain Leader?

26. Name two sorts of vehicles that are in use in the Royal Marines?

27. List the rank structure to WO1 in the Royal Marines.

28. List the rank structure from 2nd Lieutenant up to the rank of Colonel.

29. Which Commando Unit has recently returned from Afghanistan

30. Which is the next Commando unit to go to Afghanistan
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