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Sep 21, 2009
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hi i am new here and have been trawling the internet trying to find the eyesight requirments for a moutain leader im hoping to join the marines next year so am unsure *text deleted** my eyesight level is at at present. im not sure if i am correct in saying but you are allowed corrective lenses as a moutain leader just as i could not see it in the list of restricted specialisations? I appologie if there i a thread on this somewere on this site but i have been unable to find it, and i am aware of how difficult it is to become even a marine let alone a moutain leader but i find setting my target high gives me more drive to train harder to reach my goal.


Jul 10, 2007
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Standard 3 (VA3)

Visual acuity to be achieved without correcting lenses Right 6/60, Left <6/60

Visual acuity to be achieved with correcting lenses EITHER Right 6/6N5, Left 6/24N10 OR Right 6/9N5, Left 6/18N10 OR Right 6/12N5, 6/12N10.

Refraction limit
Spectacle correction (in any meridian)
+/- 6.00 sphere or cyl

Below VA3, unacceptable for RM or RN service.

VA3 is the minimum acceptable standard for entry as a RM Commando.

Optician Report (CHG31 dated 04/01/2008)

Following an in-Service issue where a person was unable to pass the Annual Personal Weapons Test (AWPT) due to the inability to close their left eye independently, all entrants to the Royal Navy and Royal Marines, including their Reserve counterparts, must now have this physical ability checked during the entrance medical.

Annual Personal Weapon Test

It is a mandate that all personnel deploying to an operational theatre must have passed the Annual Personal Weapon Test (APWT). To fire an SA80 rifle effectively the user must be able to independently close the LEFT eye. As part of the Entry Medical FEMO’s are to test for the ability to close the LEFT eye independently. Those unable to do so are unfit for entry.

The latest eyesight standards according to Book of Reference 1750A Handbook of Naval Medical Standards, Chapter 5, Article 0512, dated September 2004 (online version), the following standards currently apply.

All RM Other Ranks VA III, CP4


Aircrew VA I, CP1
Snipers VA I*, CP3
Landing Craft VA I*text deleted*, CP2
Swimmer Canoeists VA III*text deleted** CP3*

(*Contact lenses not permitted)
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