F.A.O RM Recruiting Officer

Jul 10, 2008
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I would be very grateful if you could answer the following three questions for me......................

1) On average, how many applicants are there for the POC?

2) On average, how many actually pass this course and begin training at lympstone in september?

3) If an applicant holds for example, three C's at A-Level and demonstrates that he posses strong Royal Marine Officer qualities and another applicant e.g has straight A's at A-Level but does not posses as strong Royal Marine qualities as the other applicant. Who would get preference in the selection process?

Thanking you in advance.



Jul 10, 2007
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Pending a reply off RMRO and not trying to steal his thunder:

From an AFCO perspective,

1. Around 200 eligible applicants attend one of 19 POCs per year. (It does vary from year to year).

2. The average amount passing is very roughly around 50% but only around 50 are selected to start RM Commando Officer training each September.

3. A person with a degree is equally as eligible to apply as his twin with the bare minimum UCAS points at A level and no more or less likely to be selected. In the extremely unlikely event that each achieve identical passes at the Recruiting Test, Sift Interview, POC and AIB, have identical management experience, identical aptitude, identical qualities and traits and there is nothing else to separate them, in the unlikely event we cannot select both as it's the last place they are both after, your academic results may be taken in to consideration if the differences are not already identified at POC & AIB.