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Mar 8, 2012
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Hey there just curious on what i should be aiming for on my fitness i have alot of spare time and i'm focusing all my energy into the Royal Marines,

As for my Diet plan should i eat 6 small meals a day? or just Breakfast
Supper , And drink plenty of water.



Look around this site for the info you need

The number of meals you eat per day isn?t a huge factor. Many people do well with anything ranging from 1 to 8 meals per day. Find what suits you and your goal. If your trying to gain weight you may wish to eat more often but there is no over whelming need to eat 6 meals a day. Some research also suggests eating this often isn?t a wise move due to the ever fluctuating insulin levels etc

But basically eat plenty of good wholesome and nutrient rich food from the best sources available. Stay away from processed junk or fast foods and be sure to get tons of fat, protein and veggies .



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Jan 31, 2012
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Good choice on going for marines.
For your fitness you will need to be able to run 1.5 miles in 12:30 and then another 1.5 miles best effort with a minute gap. You time should be below 10:00 on the return to pass!
As many Marine form press ups in 2 mins- aim for around 50! (60 for max I believe)
As many Marine form sit ups in 2 mins- aim for 60 (80 is max I think)
Overhand pull ups, full extension- aim for as many as you can!
Bleep test vo2 max- best effort 13 is max

With the diet side I would say it depended on your current weight and lifestyle. Being fairly active myself I just eat 3 meals a day, carbs in the morning usually from porridge, lunch of salad (maybe pasta/ brown rice) and dinner would be usually chicken breast, salad and brown rice.
If at any time I'm hungry I just snack on fruits and nuts etc.

Keep away from the junk!
Hope this helps you out!