Fitness tests


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Sep 28, 2019
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Interesting. Thanks

Unfortunately numbers are definitely not back to normal. I was offered a new ROP date recently after losing my September one to a Med appeal that came up and May is the soonest they have. CA told me this is because ROP are capped at 40 candidates whereas used to be 80. I have a friend who's doing vPJFT in the next week or so and been quoted June as his most likely date.

Definitely be worth it in the end, no matter how frustrating it is right now.


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Jun 19, 2020
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I wouldn't place to much value on it but I think my son's ROP that formed up this month is just under 70. They have gone straight into 4 man rooms. Possibly there is a little more capacity at the moment as there were no ROPs intakes in December so this number may not be an indication of future intakes under the current restrictions.
Whatever the date you get it will come round quickly, use the time you have wisely. Learn the history, practice ironing, hand washing, cleaning rooms, bathrooms.
My son is too early in the process to provide any useful 'I wish i'd done / known this before ROP', in a few weeks time he may and i'll share any insights he comes up with.