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Just popped home, caught the f*text deleted*cking plumber with his *text deleted**text deleted* in the dog! Can't believe the Police wont do anything! They said the b*text deleted*tard was corgi registered???

Men say that women can never be satisfied..... Maybe thats because no man has a *text deleted**text deleted* made out of chocolate that ejaculates money???

A boy catches his Mum and Dad having sex - he asks what are you doing? His dad replies "Making you a brother or sister!" Little boy says - "Why don't you do it doggy style because I want a puppy"???

A nun is sitting on a train opposite a skinhead who is eating a bag of prawns. Everytime he eats one he spits the head at her and she throws it out of the window. Eventually she gets pissed off and pulls the emergency cord. The skinhead looks at her and says "You'll get fined £50 for that you stupid *text deleted*" and laughs. She laughs back and says "When I cry rape and they smell your fingers you'll get 10 years your baldy *text deleted**text deleted**text deleted**!"???

Five signs you may be a Taliban??

1. You have more wives than teeth.

2. You own a £5000 rocket launcher but cant afford shoes!

3. You refine heroin but have moral objection to beer.

4. You think vests come in two styles - Bullet proof and suicide!


5. You wipe your arse with your bare hand but consider bacon unclean!

Feminists visit Kabul just after fall of Taliban and is disgusted to find the women walk five paces behine the men. A year later she revisits to find women now walk five paces in front of men! "Wonderful - what brought about the change?". Her interpreter looks at her and replied "Landmines"??


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Feb 5, 2008
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Little Johnny walks into his parents room and finds his dad giving his mum a good one. the dad smirks and chucks a pillow at little johnny and says "*text deleted**text deleted* off"..
later that day the father hears a load of comotion comming from johnny's room, so we walks in only to find little johnny giving his granma a right royal seeing to. johnny looks at his dad, smirks and says "not so *text deleted**text deleted*ing funny when its your mum is it?"
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