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Oct 13, 2016
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Just looking for quick advice lads can't seem to find much but I've been doing gainers and on the video it says once you've done those excercises for the day that's it,

Would it still be okay to put them in a circuit or just make your circuit excercises that don't include press ups sit ups pull ups?

Cheers in advance


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Sep 28, 2019
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Include it in your circuit. So if your gainers are 30-30-30 then there's your 3 sets. If it's 31-31-30 then same detail. Just mix in your other exercises accordingly.

Alternately, as long as you're getting enough protein and rest (such as doing them on alternative days) then there's nothing wrong with doing press-ups in your circuits and doing the gainers separately. The goal is progressive overload so overload yourself and rest and recover around it.

I'm happy to be picked up and disagreed with on this but I don't believe gainers are the only thing you should be doing for press-ups. I have always done a lot more press-ups on top of them plus other exercises like dips, diamond press-ups, wide press-ups and even bench press. Every time I did an RMFA (on PRMC and subsequently as a nod) I always achieved maximum points on press-ups so I'm confident in the benefits of training to overload, resting, and training again.


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Oct 6, 2016
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Sorry I've jumped in a bit late, but I agree with the gent above me.
I did gainers for months and I did enjoy it because the progress was gradual, but I did plateau pretty quickly, I started doing them twice a day (morning/night) and just made it a habit before bed and after I woke up.
I'd also go for a run and stuff in between.
Every Sunday I'd do a mock of the RMFA, and when I could do 60 on the test I used to just do the RMFA every night before bed, and have a separate routine for everything else.
Does that make sense?
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