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Dec 12, 2020
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So, I'm waiting for a date for my VPJFT, but still have questions about the corps that I don't want to put to a recruiter as I'm not actually sure that I'll get an honest answer - mainly about the culture within the corps itself after initial recruit training.

Main question in all honesty is what is the culture like in terms of some of the stuff that is said to go on... Some of it is just plain weird! I've heard some of the stories about the initiations that apparently happen, and then that similar stuff happens even after the first initiation on run ashores etc. One story I heard was of a bloke *text deleted* into a pint glass, pissing on it, then telling another lad to drink the piss... And that was on a run ashore in a civvy bar!
I'm not *text deleted* lie, the idea of being made to go through with that sort of stuff on a regular basis does put me off joining a bit. I'm all for having a laugh and a bit of banter but surely the line has to be drawn somewhere?

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Apr 6, 2015
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If this still goes on it is very, very seldom if at all now, this is very much rumour mill throwback stuff to years gone by..initiations by definition are banned, but what guys get up to of camp is for obvious reasons very difficult to control but if found out the guys concerned would be out of service .and simply put if you want no part of it , just tell them to do one.!
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