Help them out (Assaulted WW2 Vet)

R. M. Pitt

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May 20, 2008
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British Army Rumour Service > > Forums > > The Badger's ARRSE > > The NAAFI Bar > > Help them out (Assaulted WW2 Vet) came across this on ARRSE thought I would post it here
Chaps, in responce to phonecalls and emails about the WW2 veteran and his wife who were callously and savagley beaten and robbed in their own homes I've opened this thread up.

There are emails and calls in place to the relevant people about his care and welfare and to find out whether he needs anything or not. We'll also be offering a holiday to Spain should he bit fit to travel and fancy a break from it all to recover.

Bottom line is however, whatever we collect simply might not be needed. I have issues with that, am reluctant to tin rattle for an indefinite cause. If the money is needed, and insurance etc won't cover sentimental things then fine, its here. If not then I thought the raised cash can go to the ARRSE RBL collection, which hasn't done as well as last year.

Please don't use this thread to voice anger, outrage etc, its all about helping one of our own on the road to recovery. Let the old bill deal with the turds that did it, hopefully they'll get locked up with Angry Booties with an aversion to pensioner robbing cnuts.

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