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Aug 9, 2008
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Hey Guys, im wondering if anyone could help me with a training schedule.

Im 20 just signed up at the local fitness club, great facilities im at uni for 2 more years so im wanting to start training now, so next year ill be up 2 poc standard.

could any suggest a training programme for me, my gym days are:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday Friday

My gym has a swimming pool and I usually do big swims Tuesday and Thursday, weight sessions on the other two.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Old Man

Oct 16, 2008
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My son's been training since the beginninig of July and I've seen considerable improvements in strength and general fitness.

I think whatever routine you decide upon, correct form is of vital importance.

If for example you're practising press-ups, begin by doing them in the exact form required by the Marines. It's pointless being able to do hundreds, if you can only do two correctly.

Always practise doing more than is required for a test.

eg. The 3-miler - start with a hard warm-up, as per Marines.
Do 3K at 12 Kph (the speed required for 1.5 miles in 12 minutes 30.
Do 3K at best effort. (16Kph+)

If you can do 6K regularly at these speeds, you'll know that you can do a 3-miler with room to spare.

With press-ups/sit-ups/pull-ups, set your targets at double the required standard.

Keep the pain out of your face when training. Not only does screwing your face up with effort use up vital oxygen, it tells your brain that the exercise is hard and thus makes it so. And it doesn't impress anybody.

Enjoy the training you do - revel in it - smile when it hurts.

Don't let your body become used to a routine. Vary it and occasionally shock your body by going over the top. Replicate conditions of PRMC by doing three days at maximum effort without rest.

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