Chris D

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Apr 16, 2008
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Hi I am Chris

I have been looking around this great site for some time and I thought I should introduce myself. I am 16 and have just left school and have finished my exams! I am going to collage before joining the Marines.

I was wondering, to become an assult engineer in the Marines as one of the specialisations, do you have to be in the Royal engineers and join by doing the All Arms Commando Course or can you learn to become an Engineer as a Marine?


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Jun 24, 2008
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hi, im chris owen im 20 years old, i have applied for the royal marines and have an interview,test and medical on the 18th august, i was wondering about a few things.

1. i have broken my arm in the past, but no wires,plates or pins or anything like that was inserted in my arm, would i still fail on this?

2. i can do 1.5 mile(treadmill in 8.23, push up s - 44 in 1 min sit ups 49 in 1 min
i was wondering how much fitter would i need to become in order to pass the PRMC?

3. how long after your interview and everything could u get a place on PRMC

thanks chris


Hey guys, welcome.

Chris1988, those scores would get you through your PRMC assessment if you're doing them correctly. But don't forget that it's the cardio that is the probably the hardest thing about PRMC.

Beast yourself on the track in the morning and then beast yourself on the reps at night. Swim, cycle, circuit train, run, gym and you'll be ok hehe.

Good luck!