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Apr 25, 2018
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I'm currently in six form and looking to join after I leave, possibly after uni haven't decided yet. I've wanted to join for as long as I can remember. I haven't decided weather to go in as an officer or as a regular so any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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Nov 17, 2014
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First of all, Welcome! Plenty of experienced people both current and former serving personnel so seize that opportunity and get as much info out of them as you can!

Really the first question is will you have the academic requirements to join. As soon as you’ve worked that out then you should have a sit down and have a think what are your characteristic/personality that makes you who you are.

Do you work better leading from the front? (Perhaps you’ve got experience leading groups/teams)
Or are you someone who can lead when it’s crucially important but doesn’t want a career doing that sort of thing all the time?

As an officer fresh out of training you’d be lucky to get 18 months in the troop commander role where you would be out on the ground with your troop, getting involved with the hard graft and working close up with the rest of your troop. But after you finish that role you will start to have a more “managerial” and “mentoring” responsibilities within your troop.

However, as an other rank up until sergeant you will always be out on the ground in the mixer, working hard, getting the job done and not necessarily be responsible for the planning behind it.

It’s a big decision to make and I’d really have a sit down as I originally applied as an officer and I’m happy I didn’t go trough with it and swapped my application because I can definitely see now it wouldn’t be my cup of tea.
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