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    Feb 28, 2018
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    So after pissing about for 2 years doing nothing with my life. Saying I was going to join a different branch. I'm joining again. I left training back in Sept 2016 due to injury and regretted it sknce. Not like I had a choice or anything. I miss the comadary and having mates that care about you. After being approved for reentry. This is my last chance. But now I'm back on the road to joining again. I don't have to so the RT test again. So what's next?
    Anyway if anyone is around huddersfield/Leeds area and wants to train together message me.
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    You raise an interesting point. If you passed the recruit test, it remains valid for 3 years but if you passed it over 12 months ago, any paper record of your scores will have been destroyed under data protection legislation and the digital record has also been switched off this week, so brace yourself for the full hit with regard completion of each selection stage.

    Fingers crossed, your prior scores have been retained somewhere, but it may not be the case.

    Let us know what your AFCO advise.

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