Interview Questions


Feb 23, 2008
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If in the interview you say "I don't know" on all of them will they tell you to get lost? I mean, when signing up do they tell to research all this history and stuff? Because I wouldn't know any of the ansers to all this history and I've read everything on the RM site.


Jul 10, 2007
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The questions on Corps history are used as a gauge of motivation, the more you know, the more motivated you appear. Often if someone appears keen & has clearly researched their subject, I ask very, very few questions- if they can't answer one, we tend to dig deeper.

You would be advised to at least have an idea of what Commando training involves, where it's at, how long it's for, what happens if you get injured, what the 4 Commando Tests involve, a short list of a few specialisations you could do, what your pay will be, how much leave you get, how long your contract is for & how soon you can leave if you don't like it, what times are expected for the PJFT, 3 mile run, what does PRMC involve, 28 October 1664 and so on.

In most cases unless you know at least the basic stuff, as with any job, it suggests you aren't interested or can't be bothered. Ultimately it's up to the individual whether they apply themselves and come across as worth investing tens of thousands of pounds in training & hundreds of thousands of pounds in wages. It's not just the physical aspects required to become a Royal Marine, we're looking for someone that has the right state of mind too.

Good luck.