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Interview revision, please correct me if there are any mistakes here.

Discussion in 'General Royal Marines Joining Chit Chat' started by luke, Nov 2, 2009.

  1. luke

    luke New Member

    Sep 18, 2007
    ok i have my interview on Thursday the 5th of november2009 so that's this Thursday :P, so i started looking around for some general information i found LOTS of info all around this forum and on the main royal navy site, i have complied everything i think i would be asked about CORPs history and naval knowledge [ thank you ninja for your post it was an excellent place for me to start :)] so could whoever reads this please read through and correct and mistakes i have made as i will be using this to revise from for the next few days and a mistake would be annoying *text deleted*.

    also i hope this info can help anyone that has an interview. ty.

    Oh and a quick warning this is VERY long. :)


    1. What is the date of the birth of the Corps?

    28th of October 1664

    King charlse the 3rd sanctioned the formation of the duke of York and Albany?s maritime regiment of foot the first regiment to be formed for service afloat, the regiment was raised from trained bands of the city of London, from which the RM dervice the privilege of marching through London bayonets fixed colours flying and drums beating. The yellow stripe in today?s regimental flash represents the yellow of the uniforms worn by this regiment

    2. What is the Corps motto?

    per mere per terram

    3. What does it mean?

    by sea by land

    4. Describe the CORPS cap badge and what do all the elements mean?

    The corps cap badge consists of

    The lion and crown
    this shows that the royal marines are a royal regiment and it was presented to them by king georg the 3rd in 1802

    on the 29th April 1802,Marines were styled 'Royal Marines' by George 3rd 'For meritious service'.This was on the recommendation of the Admiral of the fleet the Earl St Vincent sir John Jarvis, who reflected in 1823 that he had never known'an appeal made to them for honour, courage or loyalty that they did not more than realise my highest expectations.If ever the hour of real danger come to England they will be found the country's Sheet Anchor.'

    The capture and defence of Gibraltar in 1704 was considered by king george the 4th to be one of the mosy glorious achievements of the marines and that it should therefore appear as part of the crest to represent the numerous honours they had earned

    The globe
    presented by king George the 4th in 1807 in place of the one hundred and nine battle honours the marines had earned around the globe.

    The laurels
    granted for gallantry displayed by the marines in the capture of belle isle in 1761

    The fouled anchor

    this is the badge of the lord high admiralty and it was first worn by marines in 1774 and indicated that they are part of the navy.

    Per mare Per Terram
    this is the Royal marines motto it is Latin and means by sea by land

    5. What happened at Walcheren?

    See COPRS memorable dates sheet

    6. Who was Hanna Snell?
    was a woman in the 1700ds who impersonated a man and joined the royal marines she served abored the ship Swallow. in the battle in Devicotta in June 1749. she was wounded 11 times in the leg and once in the groin, it is unknown how she managed to treat her groin ingery without reveling her geneder, possibly a sympathetic Indian nurse. When her ship returened to brittian she travled from Portsmouth to London where she revelied the sex to her shipmates and petitioned for her pention to Duke of Cumberland, the head of the army, he was honorably discharged and the Royal Hospital, Chelsea officially recognized Snell's military service in the November and granted her a pension in 1750 (increased in 1785) a rare thing in those days.

    7. What was the Corps last major battle honour?

    Al Fawr Peninsula, Iraq, 2003, or

    just say that Gibraltar was the last to be added to the badge but they've received honours at the Falklands and Iraq.

    8. Who is the Commandant General of the Royal Marines?

    Major General Garry Robison, 2006-2009
    Major General Andy Salmon June 2009 - Present

    9. There are three Commando Units, what are they called?

    40 42 and 45 commando

    10. Where are the Commando Units located?
    40 Commando (known as Forty Commando) based at Norton Manor Barracks, Taunton, Somerset, England
    42 Commando (known as Four Two Commando) based at Bickleigh Barracks, Plymouth, Devon, England
    45 Commando (known as Four Five Commando) based at RM Condor, Arbroath, Angus, Scotland

    11. What does The Fleet Protection Group do?

    Fleet Protection Group Royal Marines is responsible for the security of the United Kingdom's nuclear deterrent and other security-related duties. It also provides a security detachment at the Northwood military headquarters near London; as well as specialist boarding party support for the Royal Navy worldwide, for roles such as embargo enforcement, counter-narcotics and counter-insurgency activities of the Royal Navy. It is commando-sized, however the structure differs to reflect its role; it bears the colours, battle honours and customs of the former 43 Commando.

    12. Name Five of the specialist (SQ) or Technical qualifications (DQ) that you could be trained for?

    Aircrewman Armoured Support (Viking) Assault Engineer Chef Clerk CombatIntelligence Communications Technician Driver Heavy Weapons ? Air Defence Heavy Weapons ? Anti-Tank Heavy Weapons ? Mortar Information Systems Landing Craft Medical Assistant Military Police Mountain Leader Physical Training Instructor Reconnaissance Operator Signals Swimmer Canoeist Telecommunications Technician Vehicle Mechanic Yeoman of Signals

    any of the above.

    13. How long do you have to sign on for when you join the Royal Marines?

    18 years open engagement however there is a 2 year return of service and you have to give 12 months notice before you can leave.

    14. What is the minimum amount of time you have to serve as a Royal Marine?

    3 years I think

    15. Where in the world are the Royal Marines currently serving?
    Afghanistan I think but 40 commando is doing TAURUS 09
    TAURUS 09 is a routine deployment of the Royal Navy?s Amphibious Task Group, taking in the Mediterranean, the Arabian Sea, the Indian Ocean and the Far East. It aims to maintain the Royal Navy?s fighting capability as well as develop the UK?s capacity to operate with key partners and allies from NATO countries and other nations, enhancing interoperability and demonstrating the UK?s commitment to the stability and security of those areas. The Task Group will conduct a wide range of activities, including maritime security operations, and exercising amphibious and anti-submarine warfare.

    16. What is the name of the personal weapon currently used by the Royal Marines?

    17. How many weeks training do you undergo to become a Royal Marine?


    18. If on completion of training, you are given a trade or branch you do not want, what is the minimum compulsory time you have to serve in that branch.

    it depends on how long it took and how much it cost to train you but I think its 2 years.

    19. During basic training, how much will earn if you are successful in your application to join the Royal Marines.

    13k a year give or take rising to 16-28k when you are a full marine

    20. What are the names of the Royal Navies Assault Ships?

    HMS Albion, HMS Bulwark and HMS Ocean

    21. What is their role in regards to the Royal Marines?
    to carry Embarked Military Force (EMF), transport, and deploy and recover (by
    air and sea) troops and their equipment, vehicles and miscellaneous cargo, forming
    part of an Amphibious Assault Force

    22. What are the roles of HMS OCEAN?
    The ship's primary role is to carry an Embarked Military Force (EMF) supported by 12 medium support helicopters, 6 attack helicopters and 4 Landing Craft Vehicle Personnel (LCVP) Mk 5 Landing Craft.

    23. Where is the Headquarters of the Royal Marines situated?
    HQ of RM is Portsmouth, HQ of 3 Commando Brigade is Stone House barracks Plymouth

    24. What does SBS stand for?

    Special Boat Service

    25. Can you join the Royal Marines as a Physical Training Instructor or Mountain Leader?
    No but once you achieve the rank of corporal you can specialise in these branches

    26. Name two sorts of vehicles that are in use in the Royal Marines?

    MWMIK - armoured 4x4 all-terrain vehicles used in the fire support and recon roles
    Land Rover WMIKs - heavily armed but lightly armoured vehicles used for long range reconnaissance and fire support (largely replaced by the new MWMIK)
    Pinzgauer 4x4s - rugged and nimble troop carriers in use in Afghanistan
    all-terrain-vehicles (ATV)s - tracked vehicles designed to transport men and equipment over all kinds of ground. These include the BVS 10 Viking and BV206D.

    27. List the rank structure to WO1 in the Royal Marines.

    Marine, lance corporal, corporal, sergeant colour sergeant, warrant officer 2 warrant officer 1

    28. List the rank structure from 2nd Lieutenant up to the rank of Colonel.
    2 Lieutenant, Lieutenant, captain, Major, Lieutenant Colonel, Colonel

    29. Which Commando Unit has recently returned from Afghanistan

    42 commando
    30. Which is the next Commando unit to go to Afghanistan
    45 Commando

    PRMC and what you will be doing each day and the scores you need
    the PRMC is a 3day course consisting of a gym fitness test and swim in the morning of day one in which you must achieve 60pressups in 2 minuets 80 situps in 2 minuets and 6 marine style (over grasp) pull-ups you must also be able to achieve a level 11 on the bleep test, in the afternoon of day one there will be a hard session on the assault course.

    On day 2, in the AM the 3 mile run will be completed by recruits, the first 1.5 mile will be done as a group and the 2nd 2.5miles done in best effort, this run must be completed in 22.5 minuets. In the PM of the same day there will be another gym test

    Recruit Training what happens and the stages

    there are several stages in recruit training
    Foundation: weeks 1-3 This module facilitates the transition from civilian to military student as smoothly as possible for each new recruit.
    individual skills: week 4- 10 ?To impart to the recruit the elementary military skills in a progressive manner?
    Advanced skills: week 11-15 "To consolidate the skills learned and progress onto more advanced aspects of individual soldiering."
    Operations of war: week 16-25 "To equip the recruit with the skills and knowledge required of him to act as a rifleman in all operations and all transitional phases of war."

    after this you must complete the commando course training for and the test of are conducted on weeks 26-32 with week 32 being kings squad pass out parade.

    The 4 commando tests and scores required
    The endurance course
    you must cover 2 miles of tunnels, bogs, streams and woods then run 4 miles back to camp al while in full combat gear and carrying a weapon, this must be completed in 72minuets or less. When you arrive back at camp you must get 6 shots ourt of 10 on target in a shooting test.

    The 9 mile speed march
    you must speed march with the group for 9 miles and u must finish within 90minuets, this will also be conducted in full combat gear and with weapon.

    The Tarzan assault course
    You must complete this course in 13 minuets or les, the course consists of an aerial slide, a ropes course an assault course and a 30ft wall, again in full gear and with rifle.

    The 30-mile speed march
    30 mile yomp across Dartmoor in full equipment with rifle, must be completed un under 8 hours

    . Cpl tom hunter

    Corporal (Temp.) Thomas Peck Hunter
    43rd Royal Marine Commando
    Lake Comacchio, Italy

    In Italy during the advance by the commando to its final objective, Corporal Hunter of ' C' troop was in charge of a Bren group of the leading sub-section of the Commando. Having advanced to within four hundred yards of the canal, he observed the enemy were holding a group of houses south of the canal. Realising that his troop behind him were in the open, as the country there was completely devoid of cover, and that the enemy would cause heavy casualties as soon as they opened fire, Corporal Hunter seized the Bren gun and charged alone across two hundred yards of open ground. Three Spandaus from the houses, and at least six from the north bank of the canal opened fire and at the same time the enemy mortars started to fire at the troop.
    Corporal Hunter attracted most of the fire, and so determined was his charge and his firing from the hip that the enemy in the houses became demoralised. Showing complete disregard for the intense enemy fire, he ran through the houses, changing magazines as he ran, and alone cleared the houses. Six Germans surrendered to him and the remainder fled across a footbridge on to the north bank of the canal.
    The troop dashing up behind Corporal Hunter now became the target for all the Spandaus north of the canal. Again, offering himself as a target, he lay in full view of the enemy on a heap of rubble and fired at the concrete pill boxes on the other side. He again drew most of the fire, but by now the greater part of the troop had made for the safety of the houses. During this period he shouted encouragement to the remainder, and called only for more Bren magazines with which he could engage the Spandaus. Firing with great accuracy up to the last, Corporal Hunter was finally hit in the head by a burst of Spandau fire and killed instantly.
    There can be no doubt that Corporal Hunter offered himself as a target in order to save his troop, and only the speed of his movement prevented him being hit earlier. The skill and accuracy with which he used his Bren gun is proved by the way he demoralised the enemy, and later did definitely silence many of the Spandaus firing on his troop as they crossed open ground, so much so that under his covering fire elements the troop made their final objective before he was killed. Throughout the operation his magnificent courage, leadership and cheerfulness had been an inspiration to his comrades."
    London Gazette _ 8th June,1945
    He is buried in the Argenta Gap War Cemetery in Italy. King George VI presented his VC to his parents at a private investiture on 26th September at Holy-rood House.
    In March 1954 a plaque was placed to his memory on eight houses in Stenhouse, Edinburgh. His Corps Memorial, in the form of a ship's bell, was unveiled at the Depot RM, Lympstone in 1946.
    He is also honoured with hunter squad being named after him [ I think]

    If you made it all the way through this post thank you for reading i know it was long :) please leave comments.
  2. steady09

    steady09 New Member

    Aug 12, 2009
    PRMC is in the wrong order but its nothing to worry about as you won't name the order but they did ask me what you do, the order is as follows:

    day 1:
    - 3 mile run - 1st 1.5 mile run as a squad in under 12.30, return 1.5 mile run is best effort in less than 10.30
    - gym test 1 - your targets are.. bleep test level 13, 60 press ups & 80 sit ups (2mins), 6 pull ups with a 1-2 second pause at top & bottom of each rep done to a bleep (also done in that order)
    - swimming assessment

    day 2:
    - high obstacle course
    - assault course
    - endurance course/determination test

    looking good mate, shouldn't have any problems at all
  3. Hands.of.Stone

    Hands.of.Stone Royal Marines Commando

    Mar 26, 2009
    I thought it was 40 who are going to afghan next in april-ish 2010??
  4. devonjos

    devonjos New Member

    Mar 8, 2010
    invaluable information. thanks mate
  5. SHUN

    SHUN New Member

    Dec 2, 2009
    Bonus points if asked about FPGRM, they used be Comacchio Group Royal Marines based at Arbrothe* with 45 before moving to HMNB Clyde in 2001.

    550 strong under Colonel Gray MBE.

    They have the colours and battle honors of 43 commando.

    Used this in my interview and got a head nod (which is good i think)
  6. bakerjohn153

    bakerjohn153 New Member

    Mar 15, 2010
    Why did this get almost no replies, I've saved the link and added it to my collection for revision :smile1:

    Thanks a lot
  7. Dev

    Dev Active Member

    Jun 23, 2009
    Ahh, this old gold mine! I thought I was the only one who had discovered it. It needed updating though and I edited it slightly when I found it.

  8. kieran_munt

    kieran_munt New Member

    Jul 31, 2009
    Do yo need to remember all of this for the interview?!!?!??
  9. Dev

    Dev Active Member

    Jun 23, 2009
    Most of it should be general knowledge. Regarding the questions that have a lot of text, simplify them. Along as you have a reasonable understanding.


    ?Hannah Snell ? Impersonated a man ? Joined the Royal Marines ? HMS Swallow?
    ? Deployed to Devicotta in June 1749 ? Wounded 11 times ? Revealed her sex on return.
    ? Petitioned for her pention ? Duke of Cumberland, head of the Army? ? Honourably discharged ? Royal Hospital, Chelsea granted her pension in 1750.

    I know a few people who haven?t prepared and have passed their interview. I doubt every detail is essential, but do you want to impress? Also rumours have it you?ll be surprised how much your Training Team knows about you. AFCO perhaps.

    In RT (99% sure) you?ll have a Section Commander interview, a positive report from your CA will help.

  10. User name1

    User name1 Guest

    Bump! Brilliant thread!


    Howmany of these questions actually came up?
  11. User name1

    User name1 Guest

    I've heard atleast 3 - 4 of these come up on average.
  12. Matty72

    Matty72 New Member

    Oct 29, 2008
    Very very useful thread. Nice one.
  13. tleigh91

    tleigh91 New Member

    Apr 28, 2010
    I'm sure the Commandant General is Major General Buster Howes?
  14. mrkszota

    mrkszota New Member

    May 20, 2010
    yup thats right.
  15. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker Admin

    Jul 10, 2007
  16. Matty72

    Matty72 New Member

    Oct 29, 2008
    Also I was asked why the HMS Albion and Bulwark were special which is useful to know.

    They have both small docks where they can launch boats from its rear.
  17. mrkszota

    mrkszota New Member

    May 20, 2010
    did * know to answer with that ? or did they have to tell you mate ?
  18. Strick

    Strick Active Member

    Apr 23, 2010
    If you want to go into a bit more detail, you could explain how the ships are able to tip theirselves 3 meters at the rear to allow the docks to flood, and what the docks are capable of holding.
  19. WelshLad91

    WelshLad91 Royal Marines Commando

    Jun 25, 2009
    They won't want to know to much think the names will just be fine then you move on, well my CA did :)
  20. Strick

    Strick Active Member

    Apr 23, 2010
    Ah I see. Well, never can be too prepared. I enjoy learning as much as possible anyway.