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Sep 21, 2017
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Hello Lads. I have been lurking in the PRMC Diares section for awhile and finally decided to give it a crack.

My application process is as follows..

Recruiting test - passed
Medical forums - being sent to myself

I have a massive complication with my application and can't find any official information to put my mind at rest.

I have a deviated septum and a crooked nose (which I want fixed) from boxing, the deviated septum is something that happen about a year ago. I have adapted to the injury and it only minorly affects me. I can pass all the minimum PRMC requirements at current with the injury.

But I don't want it too possibly hold me back in recruit training. I went to my GP and explained the situation and she's prescribed me a Anti allergy nasal spray and asked me to return in six weeks, you can probably guess the spray didn't magicly realine my septum so my journey to the gp was wasted.

Apon my six week return she'll refer me to the surgeon and get the ball rolling for my Septo-rhinoplasty.

Will a septo-rhinoplastry delay me for a whole year?? Should I just bite the bullet and keep my mouth shut?

Want it fixed to be the best I can be, but I I can't get refereed for a year..

Any advice greatly appreciated

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