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Jan 5, 2021
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Hi, I'm 17 as of right now but hope to apply for the Royal Marines when I turn 18 in July.
My profile picture might be of Grenadier Guards but that is only because my dad and his brother were apart of it, there uncle was in the Welsh Guards too.
I first decided I was going to join back at the start of 2020, and whilst COVID and lockdown have been depressing to say the least, I have been given the chance to workout and try and get myself to the standard I will need to reach to pass.
I have made a lot of improvement even gaining muscle which I never thought would happen, especially since I am unable to get the right nutrients everyday.

As well as training I have done a ton of research into what life is like in the Marines and the consequences/risks of being a soldier so I can consider if I really want this.
Recently I actually had a knife pulled on me, which made me really consider it, however nothing so far has made me give up and I am determined to make it.
I only hope I pass first time and I am prepared for the hard work ahead.
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