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    Hi everybody, hope you're all well.

    My name is Alex and I just want to give everybody a little backstory about me and my interest in the marines. I'm 23 and while doing my mundane job last year that I have now left and am doing a job I really enjoy and is fulfilling, I had heard of a former friend a year or two younger than me who had joined a Scottish regiment in the army and I was shown pictures and told stories by his father as I had worked with him and whom was Scottish and had served in the same regiment that his son now does and I was just drawn in by the whole lifestyle and suddenly felt like I was missing out on something and was genuinely happy that my friend was doing something he enjoyed and was good at.

    I left school at 16 not really knowing what to do but felt like I'd like to try to enter a career in the uniformed services like the police or military because this was a career path that was naturally appealing to me but was informed by my local college that I wouldn't be allowed to join the military as at that time I was prescribed inhalers due to my mild asthma and I had to be free of them for four years. From that moment I had stopped taking inhalers but was really unfit and probably wouldn't have been able to run down the end of the road without spitting out my lungs. Although my Dad was keen on allowing me to join the military later on in life when I would be able to as he was a Royal Engineer himself a long ago, a number of other family members had talked me out of it and I had chosen to study a trade or multiple trades one of which I'm currently working in and I really enjoy it.

    Although I am quite content in life I have this burning desire to test myself and get out of my comfort zone as I feel too comfortable now and I just have this irritated feeling that I haven't really achieved anything difficult in my life and I haven't been tested. My interest for the marines stems from multiple things such as TV shows like "Commando on the Frontline", the war stories, the long and glorious history of the regiment, the difficulty of the training, hearing about my friend's brothers who are both in the marines and also just wanting to take on a challenge, to be part of a team, to travel the world and make some great friends along the way.

    My fitness in the past has at many times been in doubt due to lengthy injuries from playing rugby and I am now left with the problem of a weak shoulder which I will be having surgery on at some point this year as I am currently on the waiting list and have stopped playing rugby since. Since I have had this nagging desire for over a year I have been working hard on my fitness and am in much better shape and have lost a stone and a half of fat (I was 15 stone and pudgey) and have maintained being 13.5 stone (I'm 6ft tall) in the past few months and am arguably in a more slender and toned condition and fitter too obviously. Having said that I still have a long way to go as I am not a strong runner and can only manage about 3 miles without stopping so I will need some advice on that and also I am just terrible at pull-ups too but like all exercises I just grind them out and increase the intensity and repetitions as I improve.

    There have been some periods over the past year where I have really doubted myself and told myself that joining the marines isn't really what I want and that I'm in over my head but then again other times where I have thought that it is what I really need in my life and what will surely develop me into a better person and will make me someone that has achieved something difficult in their life and joined a proud few into a well honoured and respected club should I be successful in joining that is. I feel at this stage in my life
    (mid-twenties) it is time to embark on this journey whilst I still have youth and physicality on my side or to just forget it but I do feel like if I don't even try to join I will regret it later on in my life and be kicking myself for being a pussy and not rising to the challenge and it will certainly feel like a defeat for me and continue to bother me like so many other good opportunities I've turned down in the past for one reason or another. I could live with trying to join but being turned away because of a medical reason or something because I know that that is beyond my control but it would still bother me to some extent I think.

    My dad is a man proud of his service in the 70s as a Royal Engineer and has said it has made him the man he is today and that is a positive and hard working man who has always stepped up to the challenge and delivered. That is something I feel as though I'd like to emulate and as my Dad is currently in poor health but not life threatening thankfully, I would like to make him really proud of me before he pops his clogs because I know that joining the Royal Marines would certainly do that and then some and after a difficult life maybe it is the one thing or one of the few things that would make him rest happily.

    Sorry for the huge essay but I didn't want to spare any details and I wanted to get the message across in detail of my motivations and also the general backstory leading up to this point in my life. I hope there are at least a few friendly bootnecks/former bootnecks who will get back to me who will give me some advice and encouragement. Thanks a lot guys!

    - Alex
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    Welcome mate. Get stuck into the forum.

    Nothing in this life worth having, comes easy.

    Keep cracking it and it will come.
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    Honestly, if you want it enough you’ll do it. There’s nothing stopping you as it’s 90% upstairs and if you crack that then you’ll be laughing.

    Learning from your mistakes is the key to success in my opinion. I remember training for PRMC and there’d be days where my running times seemed slower, or I suddenly could only do 30 press up. So I sat down and wrote out my plan and thought to myself “what is it that’s stopping me from achievevinf what I want”. Very quickly I figure it out and that made me realise I’m this job they’ll always be hurdles but if you put your mind to it you can jump those hurdles and move onto the next one.
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