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Jan 5, 2018
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Hey Guys,

Been browsing this site for a couple of weeks now,

And i think its safe to say i'm dead cert in my decisions to embark on the grizzly path to being a Royal Marine.
Currently, i'm awaiting an email in which i can then further my application. - will probably call up tomoz morning to ensure everything's sweet as a nut and i know where i'm at.

Started on the Arny Programme earlier today - my fitness is relatively good, however a lot of work needs to be put in before i can start thinking about polishing my semi-man semi-robot behind.

One last thing, and i don't mean to jump the gun, but how long/what does it take to rise the ranks and become an officer? As I was gutted to see my educational grades didn't fit into the eligibility criteria to allow me to apply for such role.



Jul 10, 2007
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Welcome to the site, hopefully it will prove useful in your quest to join the Corps and beyond.

Commissions from the ranks are possible but rare in comparison to other branches of the Naval Service. Around 40% of Naval Engineering Officers joined as Ratings (Other Ranks). By comparison, of the 900 serving RM Officers, joinng/leaving at a rate of around 50 a year, an average of two or three Other Ranks pass selection and commence Young Officer training each year from a cast of more than 6,000 potentials. Some years there are as many as six, other years, none.

Other Rank Recruit Troops sometimes see the odd individual extracted, selected and commissioned during recruit training, the bulk of the other Corps Commissions are extracted around about Corporal (6-8 years in) or before.

Bottom line is the job of RM Officer is only assured if you join as one. Bear in mind, to be a Troop Commander, you need to Commission before age 26. Those over age 25 (Senior Corps Commission) are extracted from the Senior Non Commissioned Officer cadre and are employed in the G4 support role.

One thing very few fully appreciate is the role of an RM Officer after reaching Captain can be quite different to Other Rank Royal Marines.
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