Aug 15, 2014
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Hi, I signed up to this forum a while ago as part of a bid to get myself fit. Short story short, I tried to join the RN when I was a teenager, but my attitude and head wasn't in the right place for it (frankly, it was gopping), and got myself DUDT at Raleigh - didn't want it hard enough obviously to sort myself with the kit muster.

Got myself into full time work on 'Civi St', fully intending to rejoin 2 years later, and found my priorities have changed and went travelling instead. After ending a relationship when I settled down and the lass wanted to continue travelling, I got a bit down with life, enjoyed booze and food a bit too much, and got massive, not in the good way. So I decided to do something about it, and after wondered what the best way to get fit was, sought out the Green Machines Fitness requirements and made inroads into that, but plateau'd after a while and couldn't break through a weight and fintess barrier I found the forum while looking for advice on and new tips, and after a careers change into Accounts and signed up.

After realising how unfulfilled I have been, I've decided (at least in my mind, there's no skin in the game just yet) to take the plunge into joining nearly 10 years later from going to Torpoint, and get fit to apply the Corps. It's a way off, but arnys plan has already smashed through one plateau, and reading the diaries and support on this site has enouraged me to change from a soul destroying career into something I can be both proud of, and hopefully prove that the stains on my character I had at Raleigh have been well and truly dead and buried.

In a year, i've gone from 18st to 15.5st.

BFT: 10:20 Return
Push Ups: 47
Sit Ups: 72
Pull Ups: 4 (I know, no excuses on this one, fat lazy and never trained it until recently)
VO2 Max: god knows, last did a Bleep test the best part of 14 years ago

I know at least I can do some of the yomping bit with Heavy Loads, I loved the Exped at Raleigh (basically a bimble round Dartmoor in nice sunny weather carrying maybe 45lbs) and want to do more of that: my weekends usually consist of loading up my backpack with 50kg and walking the 50mile round trip from my house to Edale/Jacob's Ladder to really put the blowers on over the course of 13-14 hrs. Also, I swim like a fish, something to do with not weighing as much probs.

It is likely nothing to the Nods and lads working their way up to it currently have achieved, but I'm proud of what I've achieved in the last 6 months of work, from basically having no level of fitness to this, and now making a serious effort about saying to not just me, but to close friends and family, that this time, next year, I'll have started my official journey to the RM. Hopefully see you on the other side, thank you to everyone woth the advice you've posted already, it has been a major help.


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May 22, 2018
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well done on your journey so far! I remember when I applied mid February, the same day I registered my interest was the same day I did my first training session for it (it was hard). 4 months later I've dropped 2 stone and broke personal bests of fitness tests I never thought I'd do!

good luck with everything and keep us all updated! :D
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