Jul 18, 2020
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Hey, name's Luke!

London born and raised, 24 going on 25. I've been always looking to join the RMC full or part time, but have put it off because of people that I have associated with; family, friends, relationships that would forbid me from going out and "getting myself killed". But here I am, without the burden of being controlled, I have applied.

I've much to sort out in my life; health, fitness, general attitude which has fluctuated during the Covid situation, which has led me to become redundant from my previous job, lost my friend to Covid, and even my relationship. But I know with something so empowering as the RMC, I can fix all of that; it has given me incentive to quit smoking entirely, completely cut back on drinking, and totally fix my health. Albeit, it is not that bad as it is, I am quite strong. But we all have room to improve!

Anyway... that's it, tah!