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Jul 13, 2020
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Hey there. Just to start off, I feel as others have: that I must recognize the immense value that this site has already been to me in answering so many questions that I had about the Royal Marines, so thank you everyone for your contributions to this forum.

None of my immediate family members (outside of grandparents) have had anything to do with the military but it is something that I've been deeply interested in for a very long time and while I have looked into other career paths I have really never veered away from the idea that I wanted to be part of the military and do the job of a soldier. Initially I was interested in the army, but I eventually explored the Royal Marines and found their culture and spirit to really fulfil everything that I've been looking for and have been fixated on them ever since.

I was fortunate enough to have a good education and will hopefully be heading off to university very soon. I think university will give me time wherein I'll get to appreciate the university experience and associated freedom, grow more as a character, develop several crucial skills and get myself into excellent physical shape prior to beginning the application process to become a Royal Marines Officer (which is the role I'm currently planning on pursuing) once my time at university has concluded.

I've made this account early so that I can make full use of the forum and ask more specific questions when necessary to help guide me through the next few years so that I'm beyond prepared to tackle the PRMC and excel within Royal Marines training, cheers.


Mar 17, 2019
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Hello and welcome.

Please note that PRMC has been replaced with the Recruit Orientation Phase (ROP) which you will find plenty of information on throughout the forum.
In a nutshell ROP was born out of necessity. Recruit Training has been adapted to allow for a graduated conditioning phase lasting 4 weeks on entry to CTCRM – the Recruit Orientation Phase (ROP) – which will culminate in the Commando Aptitude Assessment (CAA). Recruits successfully passing the CAA will progress to Royal Marines Recruit Training. You will soon get use to the acronyms.

Best of luck and dive in.


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Jul 28, 2019
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Does anyone know that the new training syllabus will look like with ROP?