is my training ok?



hi guys, posting my training programme to see what you guys think, i have my pjft in about 2 weeks so hoping 2 be fit for that, i tried the new pjft on the tredmill on sat and failed miserbly 5 mins in2 the second 2.4km on setting 15! i knew i wasn't going 2 make it so i just gave up, i'm sure il be a able 2 push further and pass when the afco is standing over my shoulder tho...

monday - a.m. run marine fitness setting on tredmill (21:08 pb) then as many pressups, situps & pullups as possible (46,53,3 pb)

tues - a.m. royal marine circuit training (i'm sure most of you guys have seen in all the literature given and also on the website, p.m. spartons athletic club (an hour of sprint training)

wednesday - rest day

Thursday - same as tuesday

friday - a.m. swimming (front crawl =10, brest stroke =10, front crawl =10, brest stroke =10), then as many pressups, situps & pullups as possible

saturday - a.m. do the new pjft

sunday - rest day

and thats it, any input would be helpful, thnx guys


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Sep 22, 2008
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This isn't my program as I have to fit these BMF classes in but you could do this...

Monday - 3 mile continuous run best effort, circuit training
Tuesday - Cycling or swimming
Wedensday - 4 mile run best effort, circuit training
Thursday - Rest
Friday - PRMC style 3 miler, circuit training
Saturday - 2 miles of interval training
Sunday - Rest

Remember, there is no easy day. Give each training session 100% like your on the PRMC itself!

Also, quit the gym. Gyms are for fat people looking to lose weight or add weight in muscle bulk which is rather bad. Circuit training and out door running is the best way to get fit and to add strenght without adding bulk.


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Oct 7, 2008
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You're mistake there was to wrap on the second part of the PJFT

It would have been more beneficial to carry on even at a lower speed, get an idea of what time you would have finished it in and try and up the speed gradually

There's no shame in postponing a PJFT if you need to prep for it more