is Stop start allowed during press ups /sit up at prmc??


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Apr 9, 2014
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quick question chaps- id like to think ive got my technique dialed in for the press ups and sit ups although im sure the technique will get torn to pieces once once im there. i wanted to see if once you start struggling are you allowed to pause and compose yourself to help get a few more out, if so
do you have to stay in press up position(no going onto your knees?)
is it once you fail you fail and you are pulled out of the line or can you lay on the floor for a few seconds then start again and it still be counted as long as technique is up to scratch??

are all exercises performed to a constant beep/command bend-stretch etc?

same question for sit ups, i can easily bang out 25-30 then my stomach like to scream at me and go into a state of cramp,i know its a state of mind and to push threw but when you cant physically do any more at that time are you allowed to lay back for a few seconds then continue and the reps be counted when you can?

pull ups im pretty sure its when your on the bar it start and there is no getting off until your done, once your done you cant jump back up and carry on, correct??

might be a silly question im just trying to work out my numbers for peace of mind


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Jul 10, 2012
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You can take a slight pause in the up position for press ups, the PTI's will be watching you like a hawk if you stop and you run the risk of being told to stop and that will be your rep count. Same goes with poor form.
Press ups and sit ups are best effort in 2 mins and are not to the beep.
Pull ups are to the beep, if you don't make it in time the beep then your done, no pausing here.


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Apr 10, 2014
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Not allowed to put your knees down mate. You can stop for a few seconds which I find helpful on the push ups, but as HBear says it has to be in the Up position. but on the sit ups I just find it harder to start up again once I've stopped so id recommend to just batter through them!