I've got the bear necessities, literally [exercise tips for a bear]

Discussion in 'Training Methods and Diet Suggestions' started by BearForceOne, Feb 21, 2010.

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    Okay lads so I'm starting to feel one of the gang now and guess I can come forth about my current physical hardships.

    I currently have a BMI of approximately 29.833(recurring), I 'spose this is high even for a bear of my stature. My dietary intake is fairly modest and I stick to the government recommended 4000kcal per day.

    Although I have done some martial arts in the past, and I try to keep this up, its my CV thats really suffering. There aren't many good exercise areas near where I'm living, and ofcourse the weather isnt especially great at this time of year. I don't really like to get my socks wet so I haven't been out much since christmas. Really puttin on the pounds unfortunately :(

    Can anyone recommend some good exercises to do in-doors, preferably that can be performed whilst sitting down (and playing an xbox) ? I have thought about attaching free-weights to the controllers.

    I'll gladly keep everyone posted with regards to my progress. I can include progress photos if anyone is interested to see. My target is to be fit inough for the Marine Core appligation in approx T Minus 123 days. Sync your watches gentlemen.

    Keep it locked. Keep it loaded.
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    Ok lads I'm not really feeling the positive vibes here. Even papa bear needs to sniff the honey once in a while.

    Today I used duct tape to secure a 2.5kg weight to my primary side-arm (xbox controller). Man, after a good few minutes I was really starting to feel the burn. I ploughed on though, with the words of Master Maghames in my mind -- "To become the bear, you must BE the bear, and to BE the bear, you must BECOME the bear".

    To achieve my goals I'm going to have to lock harder, and load harder, than ever before. Another good exercise I found was when sitting down, simply imagining that I am doing strenuous workout. I don't know if that is simply a placeebo effect or if it really works, but I think i lost atleast half a pound with my brain activity there.
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    gahh, Okay boys, seeing as I didn't quite recieve the feedback I was hoping for, I went and did what I'm sure you guys wouldnt condone....

    I thought WAY too hard about training. I mean, I was just sitting on the couch, but i was really envisaging myself running on Omaha beach with some MG fire coming overhead. Just as I was pulling the pin out of my imaginary frag 'nade I felt it - a shooting pain right in my knee. Guys I should've done the stretches in my mind before I got off the landing craft, in my mind.

    Think i've way over done this "imagine you are training" malarkey and unfortunately now I've got a psychosomatic knee injury.

    Don't know how long it'll take me to recover.

    That said, does anyone know any good training exercises to do when you are sitting on a couch with a knee injury (that's only in the mind of a bear - dont ask - us bears are complex creatures!)

    Many thanks, awaiting some feedback I hope

    Bear over and out
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