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Jun 19, 2020
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Reporting to the general joining forum.

Had a minor heart palpitation yesterday when I dropped my son off to start ROP. He got to the gate house, ironing board in hand. Was then met by a member of the TT who asked for proof of his negative Covid test from the previous 48 hours..... and that he couldn't be admitted without one.
All the documentation I'd seen had refereed to isolating etc and his careers officer hadn't mentioned the requirement for a Covid test 48 hours in advance of joining.
Having checked the latest set of joining instructions which were received on on the Friday before his ROP date there is a new enclosure 6 which covers isolating and getting a test.
It's was entirely avoidable (although getting a test booked and completed is not quite as simple as some may suggest) if we'd checked the detail.
So if anyone receives a new set of joining instructions on your portal, even if you've received 2-3 sets already please read them and find out what's new.
Fortunately it got resolved in the end and he got in to start training. Last I heard at 22:30 he was ironing bed linen for a day one inspection.

Not sure what the rules will be for 1 Feb ROP, if in doubt speak with your careers adviser.

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Apr 6, 2015
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This was in error by CTC - they were quickly corrected - just adhere to what your AFCO tell you - simple as really and you won't go wrong.!

Just to re-iterate a negative COVID test is not currently mandatory for entry but you may be asked to try and get one if possible at less the 5 days- this may change but you AFCO well tell you if the case.!
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