Joining or rejoining CTC - COVID Travel Restrictions


Jul 10, 2007
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Recruits joining CTC to commence ROP or re-continue training are advised that the service does not permit individuals bringing their own car.

In addition, being dropped off by a partner, family member or friend's vehicle, even if you live with them is not a legally permitted reason for them to travel under the UK Government guidelines for travel: current UK COVID-,Wales and Northern Ireland.

The only current legally permitted mode of travel is via rail or flight tickets issued by your AFCO or specifically authorised by CTC.

The reason for posting this advisory notice, is there have been reports of people driving dozens of miles or more to drop people off at CTC & HMS Raleigh. If stopped by the police, without a letter of authorisation which indicates unique and specific reasons which make the individual's journey essential, under the current restrictions, you are liable to prosecution.

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