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Jul 8, 2008
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Hi all. I had my PRMC last month and was medically discharged due to injury. Since being back some circumstances have changed and Its more of a likely option for me to joing the RMR. Naturally I have some questions but being at work I cant sift through the back log of threads to find my answers, so please forgive me if my questions have been asked and answerd!

1 How long is the recruit training from start to finish?

2 Do you get paid for any training you do?

3 How many times a week do you have to go training?

4 Im from yeovil (somerset) where is the closest training centre?

5 Do i need to get written permision from my employer to even start the recruitment process?

6 Do you have to do the same PRMC as regulars? if not what are the core differences?

Thanks, any help will be appreciated.


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Aug 12, 2008
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Hi, There are various threads on most of these, but in a nut shell:

1) Phase one = 10 weekends + 2 week continuous course, phase two = 8 weekends + 2 week continous course. So you're looking at one weekend every 3 or so for about a year with a two week course every 6 months. In theory you can be done in a year. but for most it takes nearer 18months due to being back-trooped, injury, waiting to start Phase one (only one troop every 6 months) from holding troop.

2) Yes. For recruits it works out at about £25-30 per day. One evening (you'll do one evening a week, if not 2, the 2nd one being all phys) = a quater of a day, and a weekend = 2.5 days. You'll also get paid for travelling to and from your Det.

3) See above. One evening a week is a must (although you can certainly miss weeks) and there's normally a second optional phys night - well worth going to.

4) I think Bristol Det of RMR Bristol. Your certainly in RMR Bristols region, so give them a call and they'll tell you your closest Det.

5) Yes. There's a form your employer needs to sign, just to say you've made them aware of your application to join RMR - your RMR Det or AFCO will give you it.

6) More or less the same PRMC, especially at RMR Bristol as it's done at CTC. Fitness assesments are all the same, with the same targets, so 3/1.5 miler, then bleep test & gym test in the morning followed by Determination/endurance test and swim in the afternoon. Plus it's squeezed into 2 days (and a night) so expect lectures until 1, or 2 am, seemingly!

Hope that helps
Hope that helps.