Joining RMR through the TA?


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Aug 25, 2007
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Hi guys. Just wondering if anyone had any info on the following.

A freind of mine got to week 7 of RT and then i believe he WAOR because of an injury and family problems. He is now looking to go down a different route.
He is joining the TA (got his first weekend away this week), which i beleive he says is 9 weekends in the feild,followed by 2 weeks at Catterick.

Then he says once hes passed out of the TA he will transfer over to the RMR and get put in near the end of training.

He says hes spoken to the RMR and they say that if he completes TA training ,he wont have to do all of the RMR course,and it will only be a few months before he gets his green lid.

His main reasons for doing it this way are because theres a local TA center right next to him,and it will work out a lot better for him rather than doing say 18months of RMR training where he has to travel miles each week.

Just wondering if this is even possible,and if anyone else has any more details on going down this route.

Im still looking to join the RM as a reg,but my freind keeps advising me (because of recent injuries,and also my location to a TA center as apossed to RMR) that i should do it this way.

I think ill focus all my effort onto joining as a reg , but wouldnt mind having a plan B.

Thanks guys


Apr 2, 2008
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He will have to do all RMR training - my friend was in the TA and now is a member of the RMR and is doing all the training (as I am).

He may get to do his phase 1 course quicker but he will have to do all of phase 2 training (6 months) before doing his Commando Course.

The phy is a lot harder than TA (according to my friend - ex Inf TA) so he will really have to work on his own phy.


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Mar 6, 2007
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Alright Sam.

I've heard of people with military experience that have not had to do the entire course. However, these were either ex regular recruits with alot of weeks regular training under their belts, or, ex regular army with several years experience. Either way they all had to complete phase 2 from start to finish.

A couple of lads in my troop were ex TA ( including your mate - W*text deleted**y ), and they all had to complete the entire course.

I would imagine if he's passed out of training with the TA and he's got to week 7 in RT, he wouldn't need to complete the first couple of weekends, but, other than that I think it's unlikely he will be able to do as he thinks. Maybe he has misinterpreted a "few months" ?

I'm almost certain he will have to complete phase 2 fully at the bare minimum, and I would guess he will have to do the majority of phase 1 also.

My advice to him would be to complete training from day 1 with the RMR.