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Jan 18, 2008
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Come on lads, need a cobined effort from you all here! I heared that some of the training staff down in Lympy put you on the spot and ask for you to tell them a joke :idea: failing to prepare is preparing to fail so here i am asking for you to dump your witty minds on to this page heheheh cheers lads, heres some of mine :*text deleted*:

Whats got 4 legs and stronger than Superman?
His Horse

A mother is taking her two sons to school. They drive up behind a garbage truck. The truck goes over a bump, a Big fat Dildo pops out of the back, bounces across the tarmac, pounds the windscreen and sails off in to the cars slipstream. Everyone inside the car is in startled silence. The boy in the front says "Mammy? what was that?". the Mother, dredging the bottom of her explanation barrell says "er.its..its a bug!" . The boy in the back pipes up "NO WONDER IT COULD'NT FLY, DID YOU SEE THE COCK ON IT!"

What do you call an Indian Carpenter?
Ahmed Ashed *text deleted*

what do you call a Russian with 3 bollocks!

what do you call a Russian cocacola truck driver?

not the best, thats why i need your help :*text deleted*:


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Nov 14, 2007
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What did the farmer say when he lost his tractor?

"Where's my tractor?"

Gaz the "Taff"

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Jan 18, 2008
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*Why wouldn't JFK be a good Boxer?
the guy couldn't take one shot to the head!

*Whats the last thing to go through Kurt Cobains head?
His teeth :twisted:

*How do you know youve got a high Sperm count?
Your Girlfriend has to chew :eek:ops:

*What do you call a Taliban with a wooden leg?
*text deleted* on a stick

*when is the only time you wink at a frenchman?
(raise rifle, close one eye)

*what do you call an Indian Guy standing between two houses?
ALI :*text deleted*:

*Whats got 4 legs and a *text deleted* on it's back?
Police Horse

*Guy on a lift says to a woman "Can i smell your Pussy?".The woman recoils disgusted "Noooo!". the guy replies "It must be your feet then"

*What do you get when a blonde does a handstand?
a Brunette with bad breath

*Hear about the dyslexic Pimp and Satan worshiper? the Pimp baught a Warehouse and the worshiper sacrificed his Mum to santa

*Whats the diference between Harry Ramsden and Steve Irwin? Harry battered the fish

*what do you call a guy who gets stabbed to death by a fish?
A *text deleted*ING IDIOT :*text deleted*:

*What uses a gallon of petrol in 15 seconds and doesnt move?
a Budhist Monk

*whats invisible and smells like Dog Food?
a Pensioners Fart :*text deleted*:
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