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hi guys,
here is my story so far, i live in jersey and last week i spent a week in london so i could do as much of the selection proccess as possible, so...17/11/08 11:00 i had my psychrometric test - passed! then there was a mix up and was given the wrong time for my interview the next day, so ended up having my medical on 19/11/08 13:00 (before my interview) and my interview on 20/11/08 09:00 - passed!

The problem is with the medical. I wasn't given a pass or fail or whatever the other one is called, the docter just said that when i get back home (jersey) i need to go see my GP and get all the infomation he has on my past knee injury. My knee has come out of place and gone straight back in place 3 times, i went to see a sports injury clinic and seen a knee specalist, he then wrote a covering letter sayin the extent of my injury and also made a coment that said 'i dont think that joining the royal mainres or any of the forces is right for him'!

so basically im s*text deleted**text deleted*ing myself that that d*text deleted**head of a knee specalist has ruined my chances! the last time it came out was well over a year ago and since then i had professional pyshio and have been training my fitness to the max and had no problems with it!

here is the other catch, i previously applied to join the paras. Only because i was desperate to get out there (afghanistan) and the paras corurse is a lot shorter! the same day i got my senses back and rang my AFCO to cancel the application, i recieved a deferral saying that i may re-apply after 12 mounths pain free, and 3 mounths hard training without any symptons.

I am so scared they wont let me in! is there anything else i can do?

(sorry for the essay)


Jul 10, 2007
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The thing to remember about the medical standards for entry is that they are set to minimise the risk of further injury to yourself or to ensure the condition does not compromise the safety of those you work with in an operational capacity.

The medical standards for entry for infantry are broadly similar, so it is unfortunately probable that you may be considered unfit for service at this time. Whilst your frustration & disappointment can be appreciated, far rather you allow time to fully recover. If you start recruit training too soon, there is the possibility that you could make yourself permanently unfit for any service.

That said, just wait & see what the Medical Examiner advises.

Good luck.
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