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Aug 17, 2008
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i understand that you have to have some knowledge about the RM for your interview, (just like i did when i went for RAF) i do know quite a bit about the RM, but what type of things have some people been asked?

im looking for the obvious types of questions to the types where people were sitting there staring at the stone cold face of the officer stumpped as you would never have expected that question!!

cheers! p.s. i heard stories that people were asked what type of helicopters the RM may use...


1 what is the birth date of the corps
2what is the motto of the royal marines
3 what does it mean
4 describe the corps badge
5 what hapened at walcheren
6 who was hannah snell
7 what was the corps last battle honours
8 who is the commandment general of the royal marines
9 what are the three commando units called
10 where are they located
11 name 5 of the specialist or technical qualifications that you ould be trained for
12 how long do you sign up for when joining
13 what is the minimum service that you have to give as a royal marine
14 what is the name of the current rifle used with the royal marines
15 on completeion of basic training you are put into a branch or trade you do not want, what is the minimum time you have to serve in that branch?
16 what is the role of assault ships with regard royal marines
17 give the names of the assault ships in the navy
18 where is the headquaters of the royal marines based
19 name two types of vehicle used by the royal marines
20 list the rank structure from captain to colonel
21 what is a brigade patrol troop

I also think there's a sticky about this in the Sticky section.


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Apr 1, 2008
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jason is right, there is a sticky for this. I was only asked about the badge and motto, basic corps history like when it was founded, the commando units and where they are based, the seperate elements of the force such as fleet protection group etc and what my aspirations are when i get the green lid.

It depends on the officer i guess, i know other lads who have had loads of questions thrown at them. When do you have your interview W/\Nnabe?


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Nov 15, 2007
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Besides for those, during my interview i was asked questions about the NAVY too so it helps to know a few bits and pieces about the rest of the NAVY.

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Apr 18, 2008
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Hi mate, this questin has been asked a lot and if you search previous threads you should find some good answers, below is an answer I gave last time and I have just copied and pasted it, hope it helps.

Hi mate, I passed my interview last tuesday and it was not fun, it was with a WO1 and he just really seemed like he didn't want me to pass, grilled me and picked at everything.

However, I saw that list of questions and learnt it ALL like I'd known it all my life and researched other stuff.

Here's what he asked me;

What are the 3 Commando Units called and where are they?

Can you name any other branches of 3 Commando, not Specializations?

What helecopters do we use? (I had mentioned I would like to go for a commission and become a pilot)

What is on the cap badge and why is it there? (I didn't give any of the dates and he still seemed really impressed I knew it all)

How long is training?

What will we teach you?

What is the standard issue rifle called?

What are the 4 final tests?

How long do you sign up for and how long will you have to serve?

Do you have to pay tax?

How do you pay for your accommodation and food?

If you want the answers I gave him and his responses I can type it up but gimme time!!

One thing he did go on about A LOT, which from what I heard is common, is drugs. I'll be honest and say I have taken them and he didn't really care, what he wanted to know was bl00dy loads of answers to questions like;

“you are walking down the road and your civvy mate lights up a spliff, what do you do?”

“you are hanging out on deck of a ship and your oppo lights up, what do you do”

there were so so many more and each resulted in a 5 min discussion and him showing how much drugs WILL NOT BE TOLERATED in the corps. He also followed up by saying we kick people out of the corps for taking drugs, no questions asked, but first we beat them up!

I just said, “right ok”

I feel good I was honest but It was 6 years ago not just before I did my tie up and walked into the AFCO!

If you got any other questions just ask mate, Im more than willing to answer them.

Oh and at the end he said “have you passed?”. I paused for a bit and said, “I'd certainly like to think so, and feel that I have prepared well for this”

He said “we dont like to think so in the Marines and you bamble too much, have you passed?”

I just said “Yes I have” and he said “of course you have”.


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Aug 17, 2008
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Besides for those, during my interview i was asked questions about the NAVY too so it helps to know a few bits and pieces about the rest of the NAVY.

oh god! i know NOTHING about the Navy! :sailor: *text deleted* i only know the stuff Jason_A posted! but when i went for the RAF i knew EVERYTHING, i knew everything about every aircraft, everything to do with training and things like that n never got asked one question! *text deleted*

thanx allot people! *text deleted* start swattin up nig time! *text deleted*
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