Looking for an RM doco


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Dec 11, 2011
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Around 2003/4 there was a BBC show called "Fighting the War" and there was an episode about RM on riverine ops in hovercrafts. They were out in the marshes and delta near Basra, working with SEALs to hunt down republican guard, searching old vessels etc. It was quite a controversial subject at the time because a friendly-fire inquiry was launched after an RM, Chris Maddison, was killed. Showed SEALs clearing/searching the huts and RM burning them down. Some photos came out of it which are quite well known, a group of RM sitting on the riverbank smoking and looking all 'warry' after a long day.

Looked everywhere online but struggled to even find search results that are similar, which is rare for the BBC. Anyone remember this and/or know where to find it online?