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Aug 2, 2011
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I have my psychometric test on October 1st and have been doing at least 30 minutes of revision a day for last 10 days or so. But have run out of practice papers for mechanical comprehension. I have the armed forces psychometric test book (I recommend) but can't seem to find any other questions. Since this is my weakest area so I want to improve, but when I do find example questions on mechanical comprehension online they aren't similar to RM booklet or my book and I don't think there worth doing. If anyone knows of any resources that helped them I would be very thankful.

Also is it 50% you need to score on all 4 tests to pass?


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Sep 4, 2014
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Go to the library and get any Physics book and find the section on Mechanics and read through. Honestly if you understand that then you'll be fine with anything they can throw at you


hello Finn. i just completed my psychometric test re take after failing on the mech comp last year. i also used the AF book you mentioned and found it great. other thing i used include - if this link does not work then type in bootneck blueprint recruit test and it should be there

some question i remember are of tools and the uses ie hammers. the wire set up in plugs and their colours. alot of it was common sense.

ultimately the key is to work fast. on my first attempt i screwed up because of a lack of revision and thinking i could take my time

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