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Jun 10, 2010
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I have been training for marines for 5months now. I have always been very concious of a round shulders for met my life. I went to the doctors yesterday and she told me that I do not have kyphosis from wha she can see, but possibly a small amount of scoliosis (if noticeable at all?).

I had an xray to determine whether I have either and I am starting o panic now. Obviously I now have back problems on my medi al record and the gp related it to back pain because I said I had injured my back a few times and I thouht it might be due to the curved spine I thought I had.

What are the requiremens for this? Is there a certain degree of curvature that is accepted? Or do I need to hope it all comes back clear ? Even if my condition isn't structural I defiately believe I have postural curve.

Results in 5days and I'm really nervous now.
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