Medical passed!


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Mar 27, 2017
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As the title states I passed I'm pretty chuffed to be honest.
knowing I was 15.7 back in April and failed my 1st medical end of august bein 13.2 with a waist of 97cm I decided to give it one more go so just had the 2nd attempt today.

I do alot of fitness as it is so bein 28 and having to lose more weight/waist in a month was going to be very difficult I'm not even fat just big legs/frame eg.
My medical score today was 12.7 and a waist of 90cm so I outdone myself in all honest.

I'm *text deleted* pass the pjft then delay the prmc for few months at least as this all come at a cost pretty much to my body I hadent eaten anything since Sunday and made my water intake minimal so I wasn't bloated or carrying extra weight to the medical dangerous i know doing this but as there was no physical requirements i could go this route.

So after pjft I'm going to try just get used to bein at this much lighter weight without it effecting my performance and killing myself also!

So yea pretty chuffed but shows if you really want something no matter the age you'll put the effort in to achieve it.
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