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Nov 7, 2019
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Hi All,

Following my good news that I had passed medical after 2 years and 2 appeals.

I received my formal letter today which states that I am "fit to proceed to a trial of training". But cautioned that any reoccurrence of the injury in question must be declared immediately.

I have therefore been graded "P2 - Fit for a trial of training".

@Chelonian @Ninja_Stoker @Johnny_Anonie could you chaps kindly give me a little more information on the P2 status?

Thanks very much!


Mar 17, 2019
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Apr 6, 2015
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@Biggles - Not sure if you really want to know this lot, but here goes:

Medical status is measured in 2 types the main one being the following:

A4,L1,M1,E1 - what RM ranks are if they are fully fit (grades can be 1 to 6) - used by all services now

Air4 -because only aircrew types need this grading to be 1 so 4 is the default, but fit to fly as a passenger in an aircraft.

L1 - fully fit for land deployment in any geographical location. - Lower could be awarded if you are in service with a condition where you need access to medical care so can only go some places

M1 - Fully fit marine (at sea) role - so any ship. (a lower grade could be for a guy with knee issues as ships move so could be larger ships onlyor land bases only. Army ranks will be M6 in the main as no need for it!

E1 - fully fit any environmental conditions (a lower grade could be unfit Arctic - if you have had a prior cold injury or Jungleif you have had your spleen out as examples).

The above is your MES - medical employment standard - and it dictates what you can do in the broadest sense - there are lots of other bits that can be added to that, but no need to worry about those as there are hundreds!!

The other measurement is what is known as PULHHEEMS which is a functional grading of the body.

P - physical , U upper body , L lower , H hearing , E eyes , M mental stability, S Psychiatric (yes i know it ,s p).

This method is likely to be phased out as there are so many variations of the first one it covers nearly everything and is the newer system, PULHHEEMS is the old version -but for you, P2 means fully fit! but if your condition that you had issues with occurs in training they have given themselves wiggle room and you could be discharged from training if it occurs in any shape or form.. Hope that lot makes sense.
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