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Aug 6, 2020
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I was wondering if any one can help me out.
I had the triage call. I brought up something that caused me to stay the night in hospital, it was a one off occurrence and never had the problem again. They looked into it at the triage phase and passed it. I had my face to face medical today and was made TMU because of it. He said he wanted the test results sent to capita. So someone there can review it. I’ve passed everything apart from this and I have been given a start date in May I’m hoping it is resolved by then.
1. how long can this take
2.why do they need to review it after
3. Are they likely to change there mind on it and make me PMU?
thanks for any advise
And all the best


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Mar 18, 2019
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Number 1 and 3 are hard to answer with out specifics but they need to review it as they don't have all the information from your doctor. Normally tmu it's just until they get that information sometimes what someone writes on their medical forms and what actually happend are different things as part of capitas contract they just need to check to make sure everything is OK. Something that's small to you couldn't have a huge impact on rm operations or exercises later down the line.
Your best bet it to ring your afco and discuss it with them they arnt medically trained but have a lot of experience with the medical process.
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