Minor hayfever

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    Hey everyone,

    So I am 17 and have hayfever. Its not major hayfever, I dont have to go to the doctors for it. I only get it for a couple of weeks a year, it makes my eyes and nose itch and I sometimes sneeze (I can hold it back) but thats it. It doesnt affect my physical performance.

    I do take tablets for it but I can survive without them. Will I be able to get in with minor hay fever as it doesnt affect my physical performance?
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    Jan 1, 2017
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    I'm sure more knowledgeable gents on this site will put us right, but from what I understand, it appears to be a question of symptoms and severity on a case by case basis.

    With that said *Pinch of salt* my symptoms sound pretty similar to yours—though have alleviated over the last couple of years—and it hasn't caused me an issue thus far in the medical process. But again... *Pinch of salt!*

    However, I do know that hay fever with a wheeze/that requires an inhaler will definitely be an issue. A couple of cheeky wee tabs on the other hand? Prob's not!

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