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Oct 25, 2007
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Hey lads!

Just got back from CTC after completing the foundation phase of training..we have got christmas leave until JAN 6th and then its straight back into it!!

First of all, we arrived at Lympstone Commando at about 15:00 on DEC 10th..we stood just inside the gates for a good half an hour waiting for our DL to arrive and whilst we were there we had the chance to watch some recruits practising regains over the tank..funny stuff watching them all fall in.. the laughs soon died off when the DL arrived and marched us off the foundation block..as we "attemted" to keep in step (the large cases didnt help) we had recruits shouting out of their windows "DONT DO IT LADS, GO HOME NOW!" we didnt pay it much notice and just kept walking.. when you get to foundation your ditch your cases and go for a haircut (number 2 all over) after that its *text deleted* loads of paper work all night, a few lectures, the oath and all that and scran..

The next few days are shite lads (well i thought it anyway) your get issued bags and bags of kit and have to name it all in little time or get a 'extra phys'.. the first week is basically *text deleted* loads of lectures on admin, training, health etc.. not majorly exciting lads just try and stay awake through them..theres also a few PT sessions which are great in my opinion..some good team games and loads of running..(the camp circuit will soon become familar too you :) ) you also learn ropes (great fun) and have some swimming sessions which are a good laugh at first but soon become painful !! Then theres drill (we only had one session for some reason)..the rest of the week you will be half man - half ironing board!!

The weekend gives you the chance to go into exeter..were you are given a list of kit you need to buy for the field on tuesday.. its good to get away from camp and you get to relax and get to know the lads abit more..

The next week starts with a PT assesment.. which is basicaly the VO2 (bleep test) press ups to the beep..sit ups to the beep and pull ups..we were meant to swim after that but we ran out of time..

The its exercise FIRST STEP..according the training team it was supposed to be a relaxing camping trip into the field were you learn the basics of field craft.. they also said you will have plenty of time to get some decent kip ....... what a load of bollocks :P haha..waking up at two in the morning to do sentry in the freezing cold.. haha its all good, you will all laugh once you have done it.. we were also told, at about 11 oclock at night to pack up our bivvies and burgens and meet by the staff tent (we had about 4 minutes to do this) just to be told to take our thermal jackets off :S and then to set up our bivvies in the dark.. that was abit *text deleted*.. but its only for one day and night lads, nothing too bad.. then it was a four mile speed march back to camp which is hoofing in my opinion..

The next few days are spent servicing kit and getting ready for the foundation pass out inspection..stressfull times!! Once that was over we had cracked foundation..

Foundation is a pretty bad two weeks lads, basically they try and brake you.. try and weed out the weeker ones in the troop.. already i think we are loosing around 7 lads from our troop..


You will grow to hate them words lads, but just rember its only making you a stronger person!!

When we go back we have to spend another week in the foundation block on a buffer week, which is basically a week out of the training sylabus and after that we move to our grots and start week 3..

Im back for 2 weeks lads, so if anyone has any questions feel free to ask away..

All the best..


and lads remember "pain is just weakness leaving the body" you will need to hold that thought.. good luck :P


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Sep 15, 2007
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Mine was better :*text deleted*: :*text deleted*: :*text deleted*: :*text deleted*: :*text deleted*:


Jul 10, 2007
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Excellent stuff Joe- cheers for revisiting the site to give us an insight- nice one fella.

Good luck when you go back!


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Jul 19, 2007
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Hard to believe not long ago, these boys were just stressing over PRMC. Goes to show it's simply one step at a time. Congrats lads, crack on.
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