Motivation through Injuries


Sep 13, 2016
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A small post to keep motivated and focused on the goal through rough times.

I’ve been battling with various injuries for 14 months now which has stopped me from doing any form of physical activity. As you can imagine it’s not been ideal for wanting to join the Corps. However, I’ve been down to CTC this week for families day for a small insight as to how things are run down there and has proven to be a big motivation boost as I truely know that’s what I want to be doing with my life.

If you’re in the same boat as me when sometimes it becomes challenging to stay focused on the end goal then I highly recommend you going out of your way and contacting your AFCO to somehow get an insight into what training is, a day in the life of a unit, getting involved in an RMAD or any other way there is out there to look at what the organisation is about. Im certain you won’t be disappointed.

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