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Mar 7, 2007
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The End Goal for me (The Passing Out Parade) was undoubtedly one of the very best days of my life and one that will proudly stay in my memories forever.

It was a warm sunny morning in October 1983 and we spent some time making last minute preparations to our kit, just checking everything over and making sure it was immaculate. We used the buddy buddy system to inspect each others lovats uniform and removed any stray pieces of fluff with cello tape. The feeling that morning was warm and friendly and our faces shone with pride. We had just completed one of the most arduous and challenging infantry courses in the Western World and were in the closing stages of passing out as Royal Marines.

Looking back, from that moment in time, we'd spent the majority of basic training looking on at the Kings Squad marching by. They walked tall and looked proud and immaculate. Their movements were crisp and their drill boots crunched instep on the tarmac roads as they smartly marched passed. "That's were I want to be." I used to think.

Now we were the Kings Squad. We'd made it through and were Royal Marines Commandos.

It was raining during the morning so we went through the presentation process of the Green Berets inside the drill sheds. I can't really explain the immense feeling I had that morning when I removed my training beret and cast it away into a gash bin before placing my green lid onto my head.

A short while later, we marched smartly away and changed into our blues uniforms. We marched onto the parade square. We were immensely proud and ready to take our place in a commando unit or anywhere in the world they chose to send us at the drop of a hat.

The arms drill went well without error. We'd practiced it so many times that it just came naturally. As we marched passed the crowd of parents, I casually glanced at my family. I could see them trying to pick me out and scanning up and down the ranks that marched by. It was a great feeling.

Near the end, the Adjutant came onto the parade square on his horse. He did a number of salutes with his razor sharp sword as he presented our troop to the inspecting officers.

Suddenly, the horse unleashed a generous pile of manure onto the tarmac. It was just before the adjutant gave us the command to advance in review order. We started to advance, the horse manure was getting closer. Then we sighed with relief as we halted just a couple of paces away from it and the Adjutant gave the order to present arms!

Then we dressed back into close order and the adjutant gave us the order to march off the parade square.


This is the first time in your career that you are referred to as Royal Marines and those great words will stay with you forever.




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Jun 25, 2011
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I loved reading this. The thought of the buzz and sense of achievement must be amazing.

There is also a thread on the site from, I believe, from the Mother of a recruit passing out and her account of the days proceedings. Her sense of pride and elation for both herself and her son was superb. I along with so many more long for this day.

Good work Ste for posting this. Its certainly rekindles that fire in the belly that is at times desired.
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