My journey through selection


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Apr 24, 2011
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Well lads, thought i'd tell you all about my experience of selection. First off though, i'm Ross, 17 years old (16 when i started my app) and from Newcastle.

Walking in the AFCO - Jan 2011
I was nervous. I had read up alot on RM history and felt confident that i new enough not to look like an idiot infront of whoever i was going to speak to. I walked in, sat down at the RM desk, and said "I want to join the Marines" simple enough yeah? Next thing i know i'm in one of the back rooms at my AFCO doing pull ups and getting weighed by the Marine who was at my desk. I'm then given an instruction booklet and details of the Recruiting test.

Recruiting test - Feb 2011
Once again, very nervous. We were all sat in one room, about 18 males and 2 females. When the Ssgt (RM) asked who was here for the Marines and who was here for the Navy, it turned out i was the only one in the room sitting the Recruiting test for the RM. The Marines who were there then started explaining to me how everyone but me in the room would be travelling the world seeing great places with the Royal Navy, where as i would be going to war, getting shot at and blown up. All banter of course. The test finished, some names were called to leave the room and those who remained had passed. A very big relief to say the least.

Medical - March 2011
I didn't know what to expect, i didn't have any injuries, but yet once again i was still very nervous, can you notice a pattern forming here? Turned out that the doc "Couldn't find anything wrong with me" and i was free to continue my application.

PJFT 1 - April 2011
You notice the '1' up there? that's because i failed. I couldn't even finish the return, and who's fault was it? mine, all mine. Fact is that i didn't train properly for it. Their for i got what i deserve, a big fat fail. I got straight on the phone to my CA after it, and begged for another chance, thankfully he gave me one.

PJFT 2 - April 2011
Smashed it. I can't remeber the extact figures, but they were something like 11.00 & 9.00. I was happy as Larry, and left Fitness First with a huge smile on my face. Called my CA to tell him the good news as soon as i got outside. Free to move on.

RMAD 1 - May 2011
Well guys, this was my first exposure to how things roll in the Marines, their way, or no way. We were treated like it was PRMC, if we messed up we got tuck jumps or press ups, all great fun though. My 3 mile return time was 8.32 which shocked me, alot.

Interview - May 2011
I stayed up all night before hand and brushed up on my RM knowledge. And thought of answers to some of the questions i might face, when i got their however, it was rather relaxed, me and my CA sat down and discused my application process and how he and i thought i was doing. I was not asked one single question RM history, which shocked me. Anyway, interview over and i passed.

RMAD 2 - Oct 2011
Yep, because of the time that some application process's take, i got to do 2 RMAD's, the joys. This time however i got a 3 mile return time of 8.03. I was gutted that i hadn't ran 4 seconds faster so i could have broken into the 7's. Oh well, such is life.

Medical 2 - Jan 2012
Once again because of the time my application process was taking, i had to do another medical, otherwise my first one would have expired before i got to PRMC, which is a no-no. But no worries I passed again with no problems.

PRMC - 14th Feb 2012
Now, this is the big one, the make or break part of selection. 4days to prove you've got the grit to make it as a marine. It was tough to say that least, the hardest thing i've ever done in my life. The endurance course was hell, and i mean HELL. I came first on the 3 mile run though, which was good, the PTI even said 'well done' to me, which is rare for a PTI believe me. I ended up passing PRMC and if i had to do it again, you bet your bottom i would. I also met some cracking lads down there, and i'm lucky to have some of them in my troop.

So here i am now guys, i've went from not being able to run the second part of a PJFT to coming 1st on PRMC and getting return times like 8.03. So believe me it really can be done. 1 year and 4 months ago i was like most of you guys just about to start selection, i some what doubted my abilites and whether i had what it takes to pass. One thing that really did threaten my app was that i split up with my girlfriend right before PRMC, and this really hit me hard as we had been going out for a long time, but luckly i found the strength to focus on what i needed to do. I still have my FAILED PJFT letter hung up in a frame on my bedroom wall, right next to my PASSED PRMC letter, just to remind me how far i've come. And guys believe me when i say it really does fly by. Now i have earned my place in 145 troop and can't wait to start 32 weeks of hell. Any questions lads, just ask.

Best of luck with all your applications, Ross.


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Jan 31, 2012
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Well done!!
Great read and good to see the development in your physical performance in such a short period of time.
Just goes to show that if you really want it then you should just rech inside and pull out your inner strength.
You deserve it, best of luck with training!
I have my medical this month so still a few months behind


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Dec 11, 2011
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Great read mate, well done for getting this far! Even though I think you've said it before I was shocked when you said 17, for some reason I thought you were about 25.

Good luck with RT and DON'T wrap. You'll want to at least once but a good saying a mate who's just joined the army said is "When you want to quit, just remember why you started in the first place".


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Feb 2, 2012
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Brilliant read! I hope to do exactly what you've done, sign up at 16, be in RT by 17, and now I know it can be done! Good luck fella!


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Jan 4, 2012
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Good read, cheers man.

Cool to see a concise account of the whole process, gives a nice overview.


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Mar 26, 2011
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Congrats mate and thanks for sharing.... hope to see you in RT :smile: