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    Apr 24, 2016
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    Hi everyone

    Passed my PRMC on the 1st Nov and thought I'd share some advice on what seemed to be failing points/difficulties

    1. On the BFT get to the front on the start line and go to the loo before you leave the block. I didnt. Ended up at the back and definitely didn't hit my usual sub 9 standard as a result. The route is narrow including a turning point

    2. Bring 2 towels. You will be showering a lot and can interchange them in the drying room

    3. Try working with a weighted vest if you are a couple of months out. This started to benefit me massively but it was a bit too late. I'll be using this method leading up to RT

    4. Do as much anaerobic work as possible and practice the bleep test as it was the main failing point on my course. Loads of sprints on Thursday also with waterlogged boots

    5. Take a foam roller

    6. Get to the showers asap. Organise your kit e.g shaving etc the night before as you will be running around like a headless chicken. Sounds daft but practice tying your tie quickly

    7. 100% respect for rank. Keep your mouth shut and be the grey man

    8. For Thursday it is mostly mental but circuit training with little rest will be beneficial. A couple of yeh lads who found it less difficult had incorporated this method

    9. Practice shaving quickly

    10. Get to know all of the lads. You feed off each other when it gets hard on Thursday

    Hope this helps. Hopefully see some of you down at CTCRM in the new year

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    Couldn't agree more! Well done pal.

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