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Sep 30, 2008
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Hey guys, im 15 and wish to join the Royal Marines after i finish school, which is around may/june time next year.

Im in the process of joining a gym and have recently started going on runs. I can roughly do around 30 push ups and 45 situps. Do you have any recomendations on what i should be aiming to get to, and how to achive this in any ways apart from joining a gym and running. And if i should be ready for my PRMC if i train hard until that point.

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Sep 22, 2008
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Well focus on your runs for now, because that is what you'd be most likely to fail on.

First don't do any type of runs, you have to know what distance your runs are and what time you do them in.

Go on runs such as;

1.5 miler, main aim under 9.00
3 miler, main aim under 21.00
4 miler, main aim under 28.00
6 miler, main aim under 42.00

These runs are very important, you do each of these and time them well. Don't do them all in one week, but when you've got a base level of fitness then I'd suggest do all of these runs once a week. I've listed what your main aims should be, but these are the times you should be able to run in just before your PRMC, no way would anyone expect you to run these times anytime soon.

So that's to get you started on your runs, with that website you can organise your routes and distance.

Now onto the upper body strenght, circuit training is vital but seeing as your still at school maybe you should just aim to do sit ups and push ups every morning and evening. Buy yourself a pull up bar if your no good at pull ups, because I'm not and I need to buy myself one soon :laugh:

Remember to push yourself! What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger!
Good luck!
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