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Apr 24, 2008
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i will need ninja or any other carriers adviser to answer this i have my sheets of paper that needs to be filled in and mailed back to my afco its the lot i was given after my interview (parent consent forms and some other bits and bobs about my medical) any way i also was given a form titled Notice/Attestation form for entry/re-entry into the naval service the problem is i do not know if i have to fill this form out and send it back with the rest the reason im not sure is some of the information in it is weired when i was given it the guy drawed some lines over parts i should read and i was wondering weather this is a future part and he was just showing me, it has a part were it says the oath we must take and above that it has ''I [then my signature]'' and the rest of the oath to show that i have taken it on paper and below that it asks me for my signature and 2 witnesses and there ranks a lot of the info in it seems to me to be for people further in there application i wounder sines you work in an afco u could look for the same document and see weather its just something my afco officer was just showing me for when im further into my app or weather i should fill it out.


Jul 10, 2007
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The Attestation Form (MoD Form S3049) given at the Selection interview is merely a drop copy of your Terms & conditions of service- you can read it, eat it, shred it or feed it to a pet gerbil after you have absorbed the detail if you wish.

You will be given a second copy of the form at your Pre-Entry brief after passing PRMC before you start RT. You must keep that form & take it to Lympstone when you join. You do not "sign on" until you have taken the Oath & had the terms of contract explained at Lympstone- you then "sign-on" under witness.