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Apr 24, 2008
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Ok ah im fu*king pissed of now i woke up this morning and my jaw is playing up.... any way ill start at the beginning about a year ago now my dentist said i should go to the hospital about my jaw and we went and apparently one side is growing faster than the other or something so my teeth dont meet together the 2 jaw lines are not correct any way the guy mention having some sort of operation but i was like no i dont want an operation for somthing that there was nothing wrong with. (this was a wile ago now and after a few trips to have some clay models done) but now i have woken up this morning and my right hand jaw joint is playing up. when i open my mouth it just sorts of locks up and my right jaw is really tight and painfull if i try to open wide i can only open so wide so there is about a 1.5cm gap between my teeth and im finding it hard to eat my breakfast. any way u dont think if i have surgery this will affect my application badly? i think i heard that if you have surgery of any type you have to weight a year!! i really dont like the sound of that i just want to get in and get going.. ah i really wish this hasn't of happened this is the first time i have had problems with it like this ill probably tell my dad soon and well have to go up the hospital or something because i can hardly eat at the moment and ill have to have some sort of emergency operation i dont think they can leave it like this unless they feed me through a straw.
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