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    I'm currently studying A levels in chemistry, physics and maths, and I'm hoping to go to swansea university next year to study mechanical engineering on their brand new state of the art bay campus, while I'm there i intend to join the UOTC and my hobbies include judo, and surfing, i have a decent fitness level but i know i have a long way to go before I'm fit enough to join the rm as an officer, so i have 2 questions
    1, assuming everything goes to plan what are the odds of me becoming a royal marines officer?
    and 2. do i have to attend a russel group/top university in order to join as an officer? I only ask because i did some research into what universities current armed forces officers attended, but i could only find 2 which was 2 officers in the rifles who studied at exeter and cardiff which are both in the russell group, so I'm a little worried about whether the rm turn me down due to not attending a top university.
    p.s swansea is very good uni and is very good for the subject I'm intending to study but still
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    To answer your second question, no. You don't ned a degree to be an officer in the RM, let alone a super special one. I believe the requirement is still 180 UCAS points. All the best.
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    Assuming that you will be academically qualified as alluded to by @Pock the elements that need to 'go to plan' are all the elements of the selection process for Royal Marines Officer including the Potential Officer Course at CTCRM Lympstone and the Admiralty Interview Board at HMS Sultan.

    Bear in mind that there is one only Batch (of about 50 plus) Young Officers annually which currently begins training in September. Given the low numbers comparative to, say, Army entry to RMAS Sandhurst it is likely that some candidates who are successful in most elements of selection do not meet the 'final cut' to actually begin training. But it is unlikely that anyone dissuaded by this final factor would apply anyway. Best of luck.
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    Like Pock, in response to your second question, the answer is an outright no. The current Batch is very diverse; graduates from Russell Group universities, non-Russell Group unis, non-graduates and Corps Commission either with or without a degree. Obviously, everyone has to meet the base academic standard (UCAS points), after that, it's entirely - and I mean entirely - about how you perform during the application process, which is how it should be because it puts everybody on a level playing field.
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