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Nov 4, 2007
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Hi im new to this site but *text deleted* *text deleted* already been thro the application process and done 18 wks in RT i can offer some advice!

I joined CTCRM for RT on 8th of January 2007 and was medically discharged wk 18! I had two RTA's ( Road Traffic Accidents's) b4 joining in some pain. Howeva i was unable to go any further and spend a considerable time in Hunter Troop to recover but the MO (Medical Officer) believed it b best for me to leav RT and return bak into trainin fitter and stronger! He also stated he wudnt have betted on me *text deleted* past week 2 with my injury haha

A yr has gone and *text deleted* now got PRMC 6th November :D

If anyone has any queries about any part of application or RT or even has same PRMC date dont hesitate to reply to this message or leave me a private message!

*text deleted*..leaving *text deleted* stats seems to be quite popular so heres mine:

2.4km: 8mins 36seconds
Situps:107 in 2minutes
Pressups: 73 in 2mins
Chinups (Marines style of course): 16 max effort

State of Mind (SoM)


Jul 10, 2007
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Hello SoM

Welcome to the PRMC site, please do feel free to contribute advice to those that follow, all information gratefully received.

The very best of luck this next week at Lympstone & subsequently during your second shot at Recruit Training !

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